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In the old medical literature there was a statement that man’s orgasm results from the movement of seminal fluid through the ejaculatory ducts. This is wrong, which can be proved by a simple fact that in the case of sexual acts repeated in short intervals, orgasm can occur without ejaculation, since the organism has no time to produce and accumulate seminal fluid.

In reality, an orgasm has a bioenergetical nature: it occurs as a result of ejection of udana from the svadhistana chakra, which is also proved by clairvoyant observation of the movement of udana. This is the nature of both male and female orgasms.

One can also note that orgasms are quite similar among almost all men. But in case of women they vary.

First, women’s orgasms can be caused by stimulation of different erogenous zones, which produces different sensations.

Second, there are women who feel an orgasm of a man’s kind: a short period of bliss after which the continuation of sexual act becomes unimportant or even unpleasant for them. Other women, on the contrary, can enjoy waves of bliss coming again and again if the sexual act continues.

In addition, it should be noted that after a sexual act, women are much more interested in relaxation than men; such a relaxation should include gradually ceasing gentle caresses. Men have to know this and take it into account.

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